To all Medford Residents,

Please take a moment to read through my points.


Putting your Priorities first so we can Focus on the Future

Stabilize Property taxes

  • Stop unbalanced spending and emphasize programs that offer an added value to the city.
  • Create a comprehensive downtown business plan that will generate additional revenue. It is time to re-invent our downtowns, and give them a chance to thrive.
  • Create a budget that works for you, the taxpayer, and not one that is part of a ballooned wish list that requires additional tax increases.
  • Work with all department-heads to ensure that they create a permanent line item for a repair and maintenance plan. This will allow the departments to have a proactive approach to spending now and in the future.

Prioritize Road Repair and Maintenance

  • Allocate all monies from the Chapter 90 State Road Funding Bill and match the reimbursement amount so we can stay ahead of the necessary, road, sidewalk, and infrastructure repairs.
  • Work hand in hand with the Department of Public Works to gain a greater understanding of the repairs needed around town. This will include periodically driving around with DPW officials to see firsthand the areas of greatest need.
  • The SeeClickFix program, which allows the public to suggest and monitor city projects online, needs more attention to detail and better response times.

Reinvent Parking

  • Take a legal hard look at the current contract, and find ways to either eliminate or shorten the life span so we can focus on our own program.
  • Develop our own city run parking program, funded by the parking revenue we forfeit to the current vendor. This will allow us to increase our tax base and put Medford citizens to work.
  • The current parking program doesn’t work. We must begin to step away from this program by taking the kiosks off the main roads. We will continue to utilize them in municipal parking lots until we manage to implement a new and user-friendly approach to parking.

Build a Stronger Educational Environment

  • Starting from the top down, we must reevaluate our education administration and system every year. We can utilize newly developed educational advancements from around the country that will help foster a healthy and productive education for our students.
  • The education budget should include a permanent line item for repair and maintenance, with an emphasis on preventative maintenance and the development and implementation of new and innovative programs.
  • Challenge the School Committee to reach new goals. It is not a difficult task to reach for a place amongst the top 50 school systems in Massachusetts in 5-8 years, and potentially the top 20 in another 5-8 years. We can never settle for mediocrity when it comes to the education of our children.


Rebuild our Small Business Base

  • Starting with the Office of Community Development, we must gain an understanding on the current best practices to entice new and exciting businesses to the downtowns, while strengthening the current small business population.
  • Evaluate the large downtown parcels of land owned by the city and implement a strategy that will encourage mixed use development.
  • Zoning and redistricting processes in the city is failing our businesses. We need to reevaluate the structure of these processes to boost our small businesses.
  • We will hire a grant writer who will work hard to gain additional state and federal funds to help complete ongoing and newly proposed city projects.
  • Funds must be released to downtown areas, but, to make sure that money is being used for the correct purposes, we must develop a Medford Main Streets Initiative Program for the expansion of our downtown centers.
  • The communication between businesses and City Hall must be fluid. More than that, the communication from business to business must also be fostered so that our squares can start to rebuild from the inside out. Different entities such as the Medford Chamber of Commerce and the Medford Community Coalition must come together and share ideas with specific goals for their group.

Have an inviting and friendly atmosphere in City Hall

  • City Hall should emit a guiding light in terms of leadership and accountability that the rest of Medford should follow.
  • We will foster a professional atmosphere that is user friendly and inviting to both residents and business owners.
  • Work with city employees on establishing better communication techniques. If one department can’t solve a problem, then we will find another one that will.
  • Become up to date on all our electronic municipal systems, so we can better serve the citizens of Medford. From bill paying to general information, we need to make sure our city employees have the best equipment to serve the citizen’s needs.
  • Hold department employees to a higher standard by implementing productivity check points to make sure they are maximizing their time in City Hall. We need to constantly be working to better the city, and it starts from the top down.

Police and Fire

  • Negotiate a contract that is engaged and committed to finalizing details that are satisfying to both the city and the unions. We must always keep in mind that the protection of the citizens of Medford is of the utmost importance.
  • Secure funding immediately for the new fire and police building. We need to make sure our most dedicated uniformed men and women are operating out of a facility they can be proud of.
  • Maintain an open and honest dialogue between the fire and police departments and City Hall. We will make sure our administration is always approachable, no matter what.